Discover the digital future
In the digital age, it is crucial that children learn the skills they need for the future. Code Camp's latest offerings - Roblox Legends and Minecraft Engineers- teach children important digital skills.
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The future of technology and why programming is a critical skill
In a world where technology is advancing inexorably, programming is becoming one of the most critical skills a person can possess.
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How can we best support kids learning to code?
What should be considered and what are the possibilities to make the journey into the creative world of programming exciting and appealing for children?
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Why should kids learn coding?
Coding, or programming, is the ability to understand and create computer instructions. However, it goes far beyond writing code.
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Mira Murati - revolutionary in the world of artificial intelligence
In fast-paced and male-dominated Silicon Valley, there's a woman quietly pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence
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What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is one of the essential building blocks of the digital world and is used for almost all websites.
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What is a programming language - and what is block code?
Code Camp offers a playful introduction to programming - but what is a programming language actually?
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The first female programmer - and her successors
She is considered to be the first programmer because she made extensive notes on the programming of this machine in these notes from 1843.
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