Age: 7 - 12

Days: 3

Our most popular camp, specifically designed for children attending Code Camp for the first time. Build and design your own 2D game and learn logic and programming to bring your creative ideas to life! The fun is guaranteed!

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Build your own personal game

The children go home with their very own game, playable via our Code Camp app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play).

Learn Drag & Drop Programming

We use our own "Code Camp World" to teach drag & drop programming. This allows us to focus on the actual logic without overwhelming you with complicated syntax.

Continue programming at home

Code Camp doesn't end with the last day of camp! You can use the tools from camp at home and keep developing your game.

And this is what a day in Spark looks like

Your child will love the exciting atmosphere at Code Camp. New friends, creativity and learning programming - all in one!

Days full of action

Spark can also be offered at individual locations with longer or shorter duration
11:45 a.m.
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1
  • We build our first scene
  • Collisions
  • We create our hero
Welcome back
  • Coins
  • Variables
  • Score
Kick-off last day
  • Throwing
  • Touch control

We welcome the children from 9.30 a.m. and are happy if the parents also come and get a taste of Code Camp. Our teachers will be happy to welcome you and answer any questions you may have!

  • Win Screen
  • Showcase & testing
Fresh air

Time to clear your head, let off steam in the playground with new friends and eat something.

  • Obstacles
  • Number of lives
  • Jumping
  • Camera movements
  • Physics

We are also big fans of outdoor fun! Depending on the venue, we bring balls, skipping ropes, street chalk etc. so that the kids can really let off steam...

  • Testing and final corrections
  • Closing ceremony
  • Game Over screen
  • Enemies/villains
  • Movement and control
  • Animations
  • From one level to the next
  • Intro Screen
Pick up

The hardest part of the afternoon session is telling the children that programming is already over for today!

2:45 pm
16:00 until
  • Jumping
  • Camera movement
  • Physics

What is included?

Access Code Camp World
Code Camp Cap
Code Camp T-Shirt
Code Camp Medal

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Programming for Kids at Spark Camp - What are we learning together?

A "loop" in the world of programming is a request that repeats a certain sequence of instructions until a certain condition is met.

Programmers need loops, for example, to generate different values, to build sums, to repeat functions and for much more. Loops are supported by all modern programming languages, although the syntax can of course vary.

So-called"While" loops and "For" loops are particularly common.

The characters in our games are influenced by gravity just as we are in real life. The children learn how the physics of the real world and its representation in their games are connected.

Variables are values that the computer stores to use later at a given time. For example, the score or the number of lives left in one of our games. If "number of lives = 0", it is of course "Game Over"...

"Events" are actions that trigger certain behaviour in a game. For example, when our characters "collide" with other objects in the game.

An example: when character #1 collides with lava  that unfortunately means: "Game Over!".

Our games would be quite boring without animations! The children learn how their figures can move and how to use so-called "sprite sheets", which allow individual animations of the figures (for example, the flapping of a bird's wings).

"Conditions are closely related to variables. Without variables, conditions would not work.

An example? An "if statement" is a simple condition: if score>100, you have won!

The next steps

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