Why do we do what we do?

Learning to code is much more than just "grey matter". It enables us to deal creatively with technology and thus opens up completely new possibilities. We want to open up this access to children in a playful way and thus give them an essentially new perspective on the digital world.

And - last but not least - it is simply a lot of fun!


"Meet our Teachers...

A steadily growing and colorful team of over 100 employees ensures with great commitment that the Code Camps are an unforgettable experience for the participating children, and that the spark of enthusiasm for technology, creativity and play ignites in every camp.

24 years
Student physiotherapy
Code Camp allows to learn the language of programming with fun and own creativity.
21 years
Student biomedicine
"I enjoy helping children discover a new, exciting world!"
24 years
Biology student
"The best part of CodeCamp is seeing the kids' eyes light up when they proudly show off their game at the end!"
26 years
Psychology student
"The joy with which the children come to class. Sending them off for the breaks turned out to be the most exhausting part of the day!"
22 years
Student Economics and Computer Science
"Code Camp is a great opportunity to get an insight into the world of programming. It's a lot of fun and at the same time very educational - also for me."
22 years
Student primary school teacher
"I enjoy teaching the children something new and seeing their success in programming."

...and the makers in the background

Code Camp Switzerland was founded by Jaap, Sibylle and Urs to make the concept, which originated in Australia and has already been extremely successful there, accessible to children in this country.
51 years
"Opening up new worlds in a playful and fun way - that's what Code Camp is for me".
40 years
"Programming is the only universal language in the world, opening doors and gates"
61 years
"Seeing the children's excitement as they dive into the world of Code Camp with new friends and shining eyes is incredibly enriching."
HR & Cultural Entrepreneur
"The unique idea behind CodeCamp inspires not only me, but also the applicants anew."
22 years
Online Camps & Logistics
"Watching the creativity and rapid progress of the children never ceases to amaze me. CodeCamp is an experience that also pays off for me every time."
21 years
Roll-Out Romandie
"At CodeCamp, children are given the unique opportunity to express themselves creatively in our digital world."
50 years
Venue Contact & Customer Service
"I like it when we can implement the children's ideas in the games together and then the children are super happy!"
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