Corporate Camps enable our partner companies to address a wide range of challenges and needs in a targeted manner.

Whether as an attractive childcare option for employees' children, for the active and visible promotion of young talent or simply for the organisation of a high-profile event, we have the right offer for you.

As a host, your company is in the best company, for example with:

Act as host for a code camp

Code Camp has provided a fun introduction to the creative world of programming for thousands of children worldwide. With enthusiasm, each child builds and designs his or her own personal game. The joy of discovery and fun with new friends are at the center of it all.

We would like to invite you to awaken this enthusiasm and joy in your company as well, and at the same time create unforgettable experiences for your employees, their children and anyone else you would like to invite to the Code Camp at your company.

How should your corporate camp be designed?

Childcare+ for employees
  • Relief for parents in your company during school holidays
  • Days full of excitement, fun and creativity for the kids
  • Conducted on your premises and coordinated with your operating hours
  • Breaks together with parents possible
Open Code Camp
  • We bring the exciting programme - you set the worthy framework and present your company, for example, as an attractive, IT-savvy future employer for girls and boys.
  • Open to a target group of girls and boys of your choice
  • Joint public relations work online and offline
  • DigitalDay, future day, company party, whatever other occasion - our programs from 1 hour duration onwards make it an unforgettable event
  • Implementation on your premises or at another suitable location
  • Joint public relations work online and offline
Your idea?
  • You have another idea?
  • Let us realise your individual programme!
  • Tried and tested, building offer for children aged 7-13 years, which can be modularly adapted to your expectations
  • Management and handling of the entire registration process from marketing to booking and implementation
  • Supervision ratio of approx. 1:6 with specifically trained teachers with appropriate experience
  • Ensuring security and order during the camp
  • Entire infrastructure (except premises)
  • An unforgettable experience and a playful introduction to the creative world of programming
  • Code Camp shirt, cap and medal for successful completion of the camp
  • Your very own game, available on the web and iOS
  • Unlimited access to Code Camp World, our web-based state of the art coding platform, so they can continue to build and create at home whenever they want.
  • Suitable premises (incl. toilets and, if possible, outdoor spaces for breaks)
  • Opportunities for joint marketing, e.g. via email, internal communication and or social media.

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