What is a programming language - and what is block code?

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Programming languages allow interaction between humans and computers...

A programming language enables communication between humans and the computer. In doing so, it should present problem-solving procedures to a computer in such a comprehensible way that the computer can execute commands.

There is a very large number of programming languages that are used in a wide variety of areas and that we constantly encounter in everyday life. These include block code, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C/C++ and many more. We would like to briefly introduce some of them in a loose sequence. We will start with "Blockcode".

...with block code we get started

Blockcode, like we also use it in our beginners' camp "Spark" and the "2D Game Makers", is mainly used in the fields of telecommunications, information theory and the theory of programming.

programming interface

Block code is a form of programming in which the individual functions and thus code are created by stringing together blocks.Within the structure given by the block, it is easy to parameterise the individual functions.

Blockcode offers the possibility to present the basics of programming in a very understandable way. This makes it easy to enter the world of programming; the focus is on understanding the logic and mastering the syntax and keyboard are still secondary. 

However, if you go beyond basic programmes, this form of programming offers little scope for further development. The more advanced camps such as "3D WorldBuilders", "AR Creators" and "Web Hackers" are therefore based on JavaScript. A short introduction to JavaScript follows in another article.

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