What is JavaScript?

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JavaScript as an essential building block for websites...

JavaScript is a simple programming language that is interpreted directly in the web browser, which "translates" the commands into machine-readable language.

JavaScript was designed for use on the World Wide Web over 10 years ago and essentially controls the behaviour of a website. Together with HTML and CSS, it is therefore an important element for the construction of almost any website.

Many functions on the web can be simplified and made more user-friendly with JavaScript. In addition, the scope of the syntax is manageable, which greatly simplifies learning JavaScript.

...and its use at Code Camp

JavaScript is behind all Code Camp applications. In our 3D Word Builders, AR Creators and Web Hackers Camps, we programme together with the children directly in JavaScript and thus get to know this important building block of our digital world. 

And in our Spark and 2D Game Makers beginner courses, JavaScript also controls the functionalities of our games in the background. However, the programming interface summarises the JavaScript commands graphically in block code and is thus even easier to understand.

For those who want to know in more detail, there is more information, for example, under the following links:

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