How can we best support kids learning to code?

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The digital world is full of possibilities, and learning to code opens doors to creative development, problem solving, and future career opportunities for kids. That's why - and for many other reasons (see our July 2023 post) - we think it's important for kids to tap into this world.  

But how to tackle it? Based on our experience, we would like to present some tips that enable parents and kids to embark on an exciting journey into coding:

  • Start early: The early bird catches the worm! The best time to start learning coding is now. Whether a child is still in kindergarten or already in elementary school, there are kid-friendly resources that provide an early introduction to the world of programming.
  • Playful approach: Children learn best when they have fun. A playful approach, whether through coding games, puzzles, or apps, teach basic coding concepts in a kid-friendly way. Most of these resources are interactive and make learning an adventure.
  • Holiday Camps and workshops: The Jigsaw we specialize in. Close to you and tailored to the learning needs of children from A to Z, we offer not only structured learning, but also the opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn from experienced teachers and have lots of fun together.
  • Online resources: And what happens after/between the workshops? The Internet is full of great learning resources. Platforms like, Scratch or Tynker offer free online materials for kids. They allow to further develop what they have learned and to master very personal challenges. They thus ideally complement structured instruction in supervised camps and courses.
  • Coding toys: There is a growing selection of coding toys on the market. These physical gadgets allow children to gain hands-on experience and put their creative ideas into action. Robots that can be programmed are particularly popular and provide hours of fun and learning.

Every step forward counts, and sometimes patience is required. After all, learning to code is not just about mastering a programming language, but also about developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

Let us embark on this journey together. As parents, you are the greatest support for your children. We look forward to accompanying all of you - parents and kids!

Have fun - and see you soon!

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