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What does Code Camp offer?
Code Camp offers a playful introduction to the creative world of programming for children from the age of 7. Logic, problem solving and design in the digital world are taught while building a game or a website.
Which Code Camp should I register my child for?
Spark and 2D Game Makers are suitable for children aged 7 - 12. All other camps are suitable for children aged 8 - 13.
Can I register my child on account (instead of by credit card)?
Yes, of course! Please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will accept your registration directly. You will then receive an invoice from us.
From when to when do the Code Camps take place?
In principle, each camp starts at 10.00 am and lasts until 4.00 pm. We welcome the children every day from 09.30 and they can be picked up until 16.30 (unless the parents agree that they can go home independently).
What do I need to provide my child with?
Each child should have enough food (lunch and snacks), drinks for the day and - depending on the season - sun protection (cap, cream) or warm clothing.
Does Code Camp provide food and drinks?
No. Due to possible intolerances and allergies, we ask parents to bring enough food and drinks for the day.
How many children are in a class?
Class sizes vary depending on the number of enrolments at each location. For each of them we ensure a generous childern to teacher ratio so that all children get the attention and support they need Class sizes typically vary between 15 and 25 children. For this we provide a 'Head Teacher' and, depending on the actual class size, 2 - 4 'Assistant Teachers'.
Will my child build their personal game?
In our camps, the children build their very own game (or even several) that can be played on an iPhone or iPad as well as on Android or on a computer.
Does my child have to bring their own computer?
In Spark, Ignite & Blast we need a laptop for programming and children can choose to bring their own computer or use one from Code Camp. After completing the Code Camp, we will send you a link to your child's game. With this you can continue to build and play on any device.
Do the children sit in front of their iPads or laptops all day?
Of course, the lessons take place on the computer. However, it is important that our children learn to use technology creatively, i.e. that they are not consumers. The computers are just a tool for the kids to learn, collaborate, create and also to challenge each other a little. We attach great importance to a timetable that does justice to all aspects of learning and that opens up a wide variety of ways for the children to use technology in a meaningful way. Generally, the children do not have access to technical devices during the breaks, and instead should have the necessary variety in the fresh air.
Do the children ever go out into the fresh air?
Yes, sometimes it is difficult to move the children away from their newly created adventures on the computers, but we definitely go to the playground with them during the breaks. In addition, we provide appropriate play equipment for break times according to the situation (e.g. balls, table tennis equipment, skipping ropes).
My child is 14, can they attend a Code Camp?
We always have a few older children at Code Camps and would generally recommend 3D World Builders, AR Creators or Web Hackers. Ideally, of course, we would have a whole class of older kids, but if your child doesn't mind being one of the more senior kids, they are welcome in any case. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.
Do you also run Code Camps in a private setting?
We are happy to show the options for a private Code Camp, based on the specific needs of the group. Why not give us a call to discuss the specific possibilities?

...otherwise you can reach us at any time at or on +41 44 552 75 75.

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