For the Minecraft engineers of tomorrow!

Minecraft Engineers is our exciting blend of programming, engineering and creativity designed to spark your child's curiosity and build a foundation for coding.

Over three days, kids will build a roller coaster by learning and applying coding, basic engineering concepts and command-based programming in an age-appropriate way that's also incredibly fun! To do this, we use Minecraft Education, for which we provide a login for the duration of the camp.

Day 1

Construction work can begin

Let's start at the very beginning to understand the technical basics and how we will build our roller coasters.

Then we will design and build a boarding station before using Redstone elements to build a light tunnel, which is essential for any roller coaster ride!

The children will also design their Redstone loops and build switches into the structure.

Day 2

Be commanding!

Our rollercoaster needs lots of extra thrills, so we program a scary tower of terror into our game.

Then the kids learn all about Command Blocks and how to build them into the rollercoaster.

We also start auto-generating Minecraft rollercoaster tracks. Now everything is really taking shape!

Day 3

Ready to roll!

On the last day of camp, the kids will create a cool bow and arrow game with redstone targets.

Then it's time to put the finishing touches on our roller coasters and present them to our classmates.

The camp ends with a ceremony celebrating our achievements as "graduated Minecraft engineers"!

It continues at home

With your new skills, you can continue your journey in the world of Minecraft programming at any time after the camp.
All you need is a Minecraft Education license (the login used during the camp is only valid for the duration of the course). Afterwards, you can simply import your camp world or start a new project.

Get creative!

Blast 3D offers the perfect balance of creativity, fun and learning. Your children will be immersed in your own created 3D world.

Find a Minecraft Engineers camp near you today!

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Days full of action

3D World Builders can also be offered at individual locations for longer or shorter durations
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1
  • We build our first scene
  • We create our first level
  • We programme our first performer
Welcome back
  • Coins
  • Score
  • Variables
Kick-off last day
  • Throwing
  • Touch control

We welcome the children from 9.30 a.m. and are happy if the parents also come and get a taste of Code Camp. Our camp managers (in orange shirts) will be happy to welcome you and answer any questions you may have!

Fresh air

Time to clear your head, let off steam in the playground with new friends and eat something.

  • Sound effects
  • Win Screen
  • Obstacles
  • Lives

We are also big fans of outdoor fun! Depending on the venue, we bring balls, skipping ropes, street chalk etc. so that the kids can really let off steam...

  • Game Over screen
  • Enemies/villains
  • Jumping
  • Camera movement
  • Physics relevant to the game
Pick up

The hardest part of the afternoon session is telling the children that programming is already over for today!

  • Medal Ceremony and Presentation
  • How to continue programming at home
  • Movement & Control
  • Animations
  • From one level to the next

The next steps

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